#144 Why Being Good At Sales Is Crucial To Your Business Success

Most of us get an icky feeling when we think of salespeople. But if your business is to succeed, you'll need to become one. 

Joey, Paul and Dylan discuss sales and why it's an essential skill to master for your business. They break down why, as a coach or gym owner, you must have a good sales process. And also why it is that most of us feel creepy about 'selling' (and in turn, tend to do a bad job of it). Hilarious stories of sales chats in the gym gone horribly wrong, Dylans low conversion rate going door to door as a 19 year old, and more.

Dylan will be running the sales workshop in this weekends Coaches Intensive here at Jungle Brothers. This is the course we run to help small gym owners and coaches thrive in a competitive industry. If you'd like more information on the course contact joey@junglebrothers.com 

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