5-Min Friday

What was the last thing you studied for?

When was the last time you were a student?

I'm asking because I told someone recently that I'm about to start learning from a new mobility coach and they were surprised that I was still learning from others

This made me think about how we have this idea that people in certain roles must be the experts in that field and therefore must know everything there is to know

When in truth the people that are at the leading edge of any field are there because they accept the fact they don't know everything and go to other people and information sources to supplement their knowledge

I have found the people who are always studying to be the greatest sources of knowledge and tend to be the most eager to share it with others also

So don't feel ashamed to ask questions or to seek out others for new points of view or by the thought that you still wont have it all figured out when your 90 

Pride yourself on your ability to accept that you can't know it all while always trying to learn more

The day you stop learning is the day you stop growing

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela
Tribe Shoutouts
Shout out this week to Nando on getting his first muscle up and making some decent headway on his free standing handstand

And to Camilo and Charlotte for both sticking with the J-hook climb and mastering it over this last S&M cycle


Upcoming  Events
On Saturday the 24/04/21 we will be holding the first of three mental health first aid courses with The Rise Foundation Australia

This course is a great resource to help you better understand how mental health affects yourself and others

It will be caped at 20 members and is being put on with the funds raised during the fight night so if you are interested or know someone who would benefit please respond to this email and book in ASAP

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JB online is now open to anyone who has an internet connection, a screen, and the desire to:
1. Develop their physicality
2. Connect with an awesome community

If you'd like more info on it simply reply to this email!

Weightlifting is an Olympic sport which requires high levels of speed, power and precision.

We're joined by Jo Taylor,  a competitive weightlifter and Jungle Brothers Head Weightlifting Coach, to chat about the sport.

We discuss what makes weightlifting relevant to the everyday human looking to improve their fitness, as well as the most common hurdles encountered when starting out.

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Have an amazing weekend...

Joey, Tee and Paul