5-Min Friday

I was the best man at a close friend's wedding over the weekend and one of the duties that came with the honour is the always dreaded SPEACH!

You would think that with all the public speaking I do as a coach I would have no fear whatsoever when it comes to talking but I was sweating bullets as the time came for me to talk, you know the feeling I'm talking about where your body betrays you and you just know that you're going to stuff it up

Well despite all my worries the speech went well and it made me think about how we put so much energy into fear and how it can hold us back from the things we want to do

The dread we create is often worse than any possible outcome and when the time comes we realise there was no point for the fear in the first place

So here is a friendly reminder to not let fear hold you back from the things you want in life

Take time to clear your headspace of all the "what if's" and think about how doing this thing you're terrified of is going to help you grow and try not to stress the little things

" Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important" - Franklin D Roosevelt
Tribe Shoutouts
Shout out this week to Shannon Harley who is one of our newest members but is already absolutely killing all the classes

Ricardo Scheihing who moved up in both his pull & push progressions this week

And lastly Tim O'Sullivan for also moving up on his push progressions


Upcoming Events
On Saturday the 24/04/21 we will be holding the first of three mental health response courses with The Rise Foundation Australia

This course is a great resource to help you better understand how mental health affects yourself and others

It will be capped at 20 members and is being put on with the funds raised during the fight night so if you are interested or know someone who would benefit please respond to this email and book in ASAP

Tribe survey
At the end of last week we emailed out a survey to all members to see what you though we are doing well and if there are any changes you think we need to make

So far only a few of you have filled this out and wanted to ask that if you're a part of our tribe you take the time to do so

This a valuable tool for us to help shape our gym and for you to all have your say

Thank you in advance


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JB online is now open to anyone who has an internet connection, a screen, and the desire to:
1. Develop their physicality
2. Connect with an awesome community

If you'd like more info on it simply reply to this email!

Bodyweight strength is simple and accessible, yet most people will never be able to execute the high level skills that the practice is known for.

We're joined by Nik Golkin, JB Coach and Movement / Calisthenics enthusiast to discuss what it takes to build serious bodyweight skills.

We chat about why many fail, what a solid training process looks like, and what you can do to get the most out of your calisthenics training.

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Have an amazing weekend...

Joey, Tee and Paul