5-Min Friday

Do you enjoy what you eat and like to cook or do you treat food solely as full for the machine?

When I was younger I found cooking boring and time consuming and definitely didn’t give the time and respect it deserves, because of this I developed a bad relationship with food

Eating became something necessary not enjoyable and this lead me to not really paying attention to what I was eating and ended up eating a bunch of crap

It wasn’t till someone gave me some tips that sparked my interest that this changed so I thought this week I’d do the same for you

  • Know where your food comes from and shop local when you can
  • Get to know a good butcher and green grocers (They can tell you what’s in season or what the best cuts are)
  • Learn to cook (It doesn’t have to be 5 star but have a few good go to recipes)
  • Get a slow cooker (It makes food prep deliciously easy)
  • Avoid packaged food and eat fresh
  • Be mindful while eating don’t focus on a tv show or work
  • Meal prep (Not preparing is preparing to fail)

These are a couple of basic tips to help you start to establish a healthier relationship with food but if you want to take a deeper dive check out This Blog on how to eat like a Jungle Brother or our two part podcast on nutrition

Part one

You can’t outtrain a shit relationship with food. - Joseph Worthington Nutrition Savage
Tribe Shoutouts
Shout out this week to Peter Lichfield who caught his first bit of air time in a handstand!!

Jessica Respall for throwing some killer moves in fight factory and lastly to Hayley Edwards for getting in to the gym regularly for killer sessions

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Have an amazing weekend...

Joey, Tee and Paul