Flexibility and Strength Coach

chloe BETHANY Mcmillan

Flexibility and Strength Coach


• Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness

• Bachelor of Nursing (RN)

Flexibility and Strength Teacher

I started out in the conventional gym world when I was about 18yrs. Smelly protein shakers crusting in hot cars, half reps and ungodly amounts of pre workout were all I knew for about three years. 

As I entered my early 20s, I found escape in an array of distractions and life unraveled before my very eyes. That all changed when I found yoga and bouldering. Movement and community quite literally changed the trajectory of my life.

While working as a registered nurse I began training mobility under Joahim Hilderson. Committed to continuous expansion, I am currently focusing on hand balancing and gymnastic rings under Lewis Yost.

Dedicating myself to a disciplined practice and immersing myself in end ranges not only expanded my physical limits, but acted as a gateway to a profound appreciation for the capacity of my mind and body.

I left nursing behind in pursuit of my life mission to help you to connect with yourself, find your strength and feel at home within your body. 

I am new to the game and I am passionate about how movement and community can impact individuals in such a profound way.

Chloe's Faqs

How did you get into training? What disciplines have been an influence for you?

I have always enjoyed moving. I trained Muay Thai for 2years towards the end of highschool, conventional gym, then yoga and bouldering, which led to my training in mobility, calisthenics and hand balancing.

My greatest influences have always been the communities I found myself in within each discipline. 

Why do you train?

Training brings me clarity. I feel good when I move my body. I feel empowered in journeying to my edges. I train with longevity at the forefront and play is a fortunate trade off. 

What does your training look like?

Getting bendy and strong!

What type of training do you offer as a personal trainer?

I support individuals through strong strength and mobility conditioning phases with end range movements and body weight skills in mind.

Whether your goal is middle splits, chin ups, back bends, muscle ups, V-sit, handstands, toe to bar, head to toe or just general strength and flexibility I tailor an approach to help you get there and beyond. 

What's been the biggest hurdle within your own training journey?

About 4 years ago I injured my lower back. I strained into an aerial yoga position for a snazzy pic for the gram.

 What a costly lesson my ego taught me that day. From SIJ and lumbar spine inflammation, to erector spinae compensation (both left and right sided at different times), referral nerve pain down my legs and a period of immobility. Up until that point I had never experienced immobility.

I was deaf to my own limits and paid a hefty price.

Integrity in every essence of its meaning is everything. Vital to our physical, mental and spiritual function. My injury taught me that integrity must coexist within the foundations, or we may as well be building houses in the sand.

It took me a while for my body and nervous system to trust me again, but I came back stronger from the lesson.

What would you say to someone who is just starting their training journey?

Goals are short lived. The money is in the process. Embrace the suck. Be conscious in every session, otherwise you are wasting your valuable time. 

Why are you here at Jungle Botany and what do you hope to achieve here?

I am here because I strongly align with the Jungle Brothers Ethos. I am at Jungle Brothers Botany because this is the kind of family I choose.

As a young coach I am looking to practice sharing the knowledge I have acquired, acquire more and learn from those in all walks of life.

What are the main things you've learned from your coaching journey so far?

There is gold in every single person you encounter. Strength, resilience and beauty in every soul. 

And as a coach you get to help people discover what they have always been capable of and through that I’ve learnt that everyone is capable of something extraordinary. 

I have learnt that it is a privilege to know and be known by others.