Strength and Movement for Kids

The Problem 

Keeping kids physically and mentally healthy is becoming increasingly hard for parents of today. The growing integration of screen technology into every aspect of our lives is making it especially tough.

We know better physical health outcomes for our kids lead to better mental health outcomes. At the same time, we believe what's on offer for them isn't necessarily what they need..

Kids need a much BROADER exposure to movement if they want to live a healthy life as an adult.

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What Do the Kids Do in Our Program?

We want kids strong, flexible and coordinated in as many movement patterns as possible. 

The kids will be playing group or partner games, climbing, carrying, jumping, balancing, wrestling, crawling, lifting, throwing, twisting, pulling, pushing....

Our aim is to have them moving in as many different patterns as possible in as many scenarios as possible - but not without structure and intention

We look at what attribute we are trying to develop, and create an accessible start point. From there we challenge our kids to increase the complexity of the challenge in front of them. 

Our classes draw upon Gymnastics, Parkour, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, Locomotion training, Movnat, Ball sports... you get the picture. 

Program Model

The program reflects the philosophy of the Jungle Botany Gym: "Fight- Lift-Move". It aims to build well-rounded resilient kids who are confident in any domain. 


The Jungle Botany Kids Program runs in step with NSW school terms.  

We have programs for two age brackets: 6-8yrs and 9-12yrs.

From Monday to Friday, kids can come after school to play, be challenged, learn new skills and develop an awareness of their bodies.






6-8yrs old


The Dojo

Main Floor

The Dojo

Main Floor

The Dojo

9-12yrs old


Main Floor

The Dojo

Main Floor

The Dojo

Main Floor

school term kids program
Open Community

The kids program is one part of a larger community.

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kids play program
Main Floor

Custom climbing rig, boxes, ropes, balls, balance beams... Interchangeable floor space.

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The Dojo

Fully padded and netted. Up on a mezzanine away from gym floor. No shoes on the mat. Our temple of martial arts.

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New South Wales Term 4, 2022 

10 Week Program,

Starts: Monday October 10th

Last day: Friday 16th December


Per Week

1 Kid

Up to 3 Classes/Week


Additional Kid/s in 1 Family


1 Kid

I Class Only/Week



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