4 Week Nutrition Challenge

Coach Ash is super excited to be offering a new nutrition challenge with the launch of her new branding. She's stacking it full of value with a massive early bird discount for the next 48hrs!

The aim of this challenge is to educate and show you just how good you can feel and perform when you get your training, nutrition and lifestyle all in harmony.

Keep in mind, this challenge IS NOT a quick fix solution - it won't guarantee you extreme weight loss or weight gain goals. Restriction and extreme measures are NOT the aim of the game here…

What it WILL give you, is a chance for a fresh start and autonomy with your health. It's a chance to learn about your habits and how to make a change for the better. It's a chance to finally understand the what, how and why behind maximising your eating and your training.

If you:
- thrive with extra accountability and guidance
- want to take the emphasis off physical appearance
- hate rigid, restrictive rules around training and nutrition
- want expert help to level up overall performance and vitality
- want a little taste of what nutrition coaching can do for you.

Then this challenge is for you.

Here's what's involved:
* 4-week group challenge: Starts May 15th - 11th June 2023
* Access to Facebook/WhatsApp group with all other participants
* Access to 1:1 support and guidance
* Daily challenges
* Weekly email
* Challenge info booklet with full details

Optional Extras:
* Individualised nutrition targets
* Accountability tracker spreadsheet

The cost for all of the above is only $117!..

Furthermore, if you jump in within the next 48hrs Ash is offering $97  using the discount code "MVP" at the check out

Let's go!
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  • April 28, 2023
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