Quality Coaching, Training and People

A quality structure is not built without a strong foundation. Your journey to supreme strength and mobility starts with the construction of this foundation.

Building Your Foundation

A quality structure is not built without a solid foundation. Our primary concern is that your training journey begins in the most responsible way possible.

Before you jump into your first class, you’ll complete our Foundation Program. This program gives us an opportunity to assess your current level of strength and mobility, address imbalances and old injuries, and teach you the basic movements we use in class. It’s conducted in a one-to-one setting, over 3 one hour sessions. These sessions can be booked in at a time most convenient to you. 

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Tribe Membership

On completion of your Foundation Program, you will become a Tribe member. This membership is all inclusive. You’ll not only get access to all of our classes, but you get access to every single coach in this gym. We consider each coach in this gym to be a mentor, and when you join our tribe, you connect with this team of mentors.


• Unlimited access to all classes (including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

• Support of our entire coaching staff

• Ongoing accountability

• Access to Open Gym

• Tribe workshops and social events

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Why Our Membership Isn’t Public

By this we mean you cannot simply sign up online and show up to a class without meeting with us first. Why do we do this? We see it as the ONLY responsible way to bring you into our Tribe.

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Our role as coaches is to guide you on the safest and most effective path to reach your full potential. We must consider not only your training history, injury history, and current health status but also your mindset coming into this process. Understanding your expectations, needs and concerns is paramount to you having a successful and long term experience with us. We’re not in this thing for short term relationships. 

Taking Care Of Our Wounded Warriors

Injuries are a part of life and the odd niggle is always a reality for someone with an active lifestyle. We provide a Wounded Warrior Membership for members who are in rehab phase.

This membership includes access to our Bodyweight and Stretch program, as well as Open Gym where you can work on your rehabilitation. It also includes a consult with us to help assess and advise on your best journey back to health

Quality Coaching and Service

The JB standard of coaching is what sets us apart from the pack. Our Coaches are hand-picked graduates of our Internship program. 

We hold weekly Development meetings and regular workshops with our coaches, to ensure the group continues to evolve. We make a point in these meetings to review our entire Tribe, and identify those members who are needing a little extra support. All of our coaches specialise in their own field. 


How do I choose a gym?

Choosing the right gym to join is a decision you should take your time with. Of course you want the place to be able to meet your goals and provide you with the right training program, but you also want somewhere that makes you feel good. We believe it should have a strong community that is supportive and motivating. We have found that this aspect of a gym is one of the most important factors in determining a persons ability to stick with our training program for a long period of time. If you love being at the place, it very rarely feels like a chore. 

What should a beginner do in the gym?

The best thing for a beginner to do in the gym, is seek the advice of a coach. Assuming the coach is good, they should be able to provide a few simple starting points to direct the beginners training, and help them learn correct technique for whatever exercises they're doing.

How much are most gym memberships?

The cost of different gym memberships vary, but here's a simple way to look at it: there are gyms out there that have very cheap memberships ($10-30 per week). These gyms usually have extremely large membership bases (2000+) and provide little in the way of customer service and coaching. You simply scan in, and then train yourself. On the other side of the spectrum we have premium gyms ($50-120 per week), which generally have a small membership base (100-200 members). These gyms will almost always provide a much higher standard of service and high-quality coaching. 

Which is the best gym to join?

The best gym for you is the one where you feel supported, cared for, and where you can achieve your training goals. Any good gym should be able to accommodate you regardless of where your current level of fitness is at.

Are gym memberships worth it?

Always, if you use it. When looking at gym memberships it's easy to get caught up comparing the cost of the membership and being influenced by what appears to be a good deal. That said, I can recall hundreds, if not thousands, of conversations with people who have held what they consider to be a "cheap" gym membership, and didn't attend the gym for periods of up to a year or more! On the flipside, people who come to a boutique gym like ours pay more for a premium service, but you can guarantee they don't let a year slip by without walking into the place. It ultimately depends on what you value, and if you value accountability and results, a premium gym will always provide much, much more of that. 

How often should I train at the gym?

We suggest a base of 3 classes per week. This is adequate in order to achieve most goals while also being manageable for a busy lifestyle. We find that a consistent attendance of three sessions per week is suitable for the majority of our members. You can, of course, train much more than that if time permits.