We, the Jungle Brothers Tribe, are like-minded humans together on a journey of development and evolution.

We recognise a mismatch between the way Homo Sapiens evolved to exist and the way the modern world is now shaping us to be.

We believe a reduction in this misalignment will yield better humans and a better world.

Our goal is to spread this belief and facilitate re-alignment.

We vow to diminish harmful practices by innovating our own industry and spreading the good word.

We aim to make humans a better species and Earth a better planet.


We are cutting our own path in the fitness industry.

Our programming paired with our high delivery standards ensures we are unlike any other gym.

Our training perspective embraces 3 spheres of practice.

We see a combination of these 3 spheres as essential for well-rounded development.

We seek to move in the patterns, environments and scenarios humans were designed for.

See our class descriptions and timetable here.

"We seek to move

in the patterns

humans were designed for"

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