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Small Group Classes

The human body evolved through the expression of three key activities:

We fought with other animals for safety and survival… We lifted objects of varied size and shape and shifted them across uneven terrain... We moved constantly, through, under and over an ever-changing landscape. 

Uncomfortably challenged on a daily basis and almost always in organised groups, these were the physical qualities that our environment demanded of us...

This is where our FIGHT, LIFT, MOVE philosophy was born.

Strength & Movement

Our flagship class, covering a wide range of strength and movement basics. Utilising a variety of bodyweight, weightlifting and conditioning techniques to create a solid workout that will push the limits of your strength and conditioning. High intensity, sweaty, lean.


Strength and flexibility training using only your own body weight. Designed to balance and fortify the foundation of your body.  Inspired by gymnastics, calisthenics and hand balancing, learn how to control your most trusty tool – your own body.


This class will teach you the basics of controlling an external load. Focusing primarily on the Barbell, but entirely adaptable to other weighted implements. Utilising various techniques of Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and basic strength training this class will develop a formidable base of strength and power.

fight conditioning class
Fight Factory

Muay Thai, MMA drills and techniques along with fight conditioning. Designed to teach the basics of stand-up combat along with increasing work capacity. MMA athletes are some of the fittest humans out there. This class utilises their training techniques to get fit.

BJJ classes near me
Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a system of self-defence based on grappling and specifically, ground-fighting. Using joint locks and chokeholds, you'll learn how to overcome a larger, stronger opponent through the efficient use of timing and leverage. BJJ is empowering, fun, and an incredible workout.

flexibility classes

Not your average ‘Stretch’ class. Exploring 'mobility' defined as a combination of strength, flexibility and balance. This class focuses on developing all of those things through a variety of methods such as movement, breathing, active stretching, loaded stretching, and more. Bulletproof your joints and reach new ranges of motion. 

handstand classes sydney

Learn the solid fundamentals required to make the handstand a play-tool of your own. We focus solely on developing the handstand and it's many variations. The program structure offers multiple levels of difficulty so the greenest beginner can make progress in the same way an experienced practitioner can. 

bodybuilding and muscle building

Swole is all about building MUSCLE and strength. Featured only on Friday-nights this class keep the reps and tempos at optimal muscle building levels so you can hit the town with a juicy pump. It's the one night of the week where it's all about aesthetics.

beginners training program
Foundation Program

Start your training journey: The Foundation Program is the starting point for all JB tribe members. In this program we: asses your movement, address deficiencies, and teach you the basic exercises used in our classes. We see this as the only responsible way to introduce a new member into our classes, ensuring your long term success and safety.


What is Fight Lift Move?

Fight Lift Move is a training philosophy created by us, upon the realization of what our bodies were designed to do. These three aspects of physical expression each provide unique opportunities for us in the natural environment. Combined, they give us our best chance of survival. The environment we find ourselves in today is of course different to that of our ancient ancestors, but our physical hardwires are not. Our body and mind thrive when presented with challenges. When given multiple different tasks to complete our muscles and joints become robust and strong. Our coordination and agility develop at a rapid pace. And our body starts to reflect one that is truly durable, adaptable and healthy. 

What are the biggest influences on Jungle Brothers classes?

Our training style has been influenced by many different people and practices. We've taken inspiration from the great movement and mobility teachers: Ido Portal, Emmet Louis, Fighting Monkey and the like. We've taken inspiration from a variety of strength cultures: Gymnastics Strength Training, Calisthenics, Olympic Weightlifting, Kettle bell Sport and Cross fit. We've taken inspiration from the worlds great Martial Artists and systems of combat: Bruce Lee, Mike Tyson, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Boxing. We continue to research and practice what the world has to offer and adopt what we believe are the most effective components of those training methodologies. "Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is uniquely your own" - Bruce Lee

What are the most popular gym classes?

The most popular classes are the ones where people are getting two things: firstly they need to get a good workout, and secondly they need to feel like they're progressing. The days of simply doing a workout for the sake of doing a workout are thankfully coming to an end - the market knows that training can be so much more than that. You can get a hard workout, develop skills, strength and mobility, and have a great time, all in the one class. Our most popular classes are Strength and Movement, Bodyweight and Fight Factory.

What are the fitness trends for 2020?

Fitness Trends have changed somewhat due to Covid19. Movement training has been taking off in recent years, with people taking inspiration from the Ido Portal method and calisthenics. We've also been seeing people become super interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Covid changed things up a lot for people - access to gym equipment was often scarce and people had to become resourceful. Movement, mobility and bodyweight strength training became popular through covid. We were lucky in that we were able to lend a lot of equipment out during this period and keep our members working on their strength and mobility goals. We're even luckier that things in NSW have returned close to normal and we now have all of our classes open for the people!

What is the best gym class for older adults?

The best gym class for older adults is one that focuses on quality, rather than quantity. The standard fitness class will whip you up into a sweat, but often won't give the time to each person in the class to address their individual mechanics and needs. For an older person, this can be really detrimental as they will often have a lifetime of mobility deficiencies and old injuries which will make certain movements hard for them. For this reason it's really important to find a class, or a gym that can take the time to introduce you to exercises in a gradual manner and enforce good quality technique.

Is 15 mins exercise a day enough?

15 minutes of exercise a day is hard to call enough, however if it's all you can get, take it. Our bodies evolved in a landscape that necessitated a considerable and regular amount of physical work to be done on a daily basis. Our bodies thrive on moving often and moving well. This doesn't mean you need to train hard all day long, but you have to consider that most people in the west already live a very sedentary lifestyle. This leaves us with an obligation to make time to move consciously each day. When you look at it this way, you can see that one hour of training most days is not a lot to ask for in exchange for good health.

What is the hardest workout class?

The hardest workout class is generally the one that combines strength and cardiovascular training. The mix of these two (or more) elements makes for a potent workout that will push most people to their limits. This is also the case for Muay Thai and BJJ - both of these styles of combat require this mix of physical output, making them really tough workouts. In our gym the Strength and Movement class ticks this box, as well as Jiu Jitsu and Fight Factory.  


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