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Best Gym in Sydney

Our gym is an intelligently designed open-plan training space.

The gym features three different training areas, fully equipped for the range of Fight, Lift, Move classes on offer.  

Our organic garden produces nutritious food year round for members to take home.  

Design and Function

Everything in our gym is there for a reason. Every single piece of equipment and feature has been carefully considered and constructed. 

We’ve enlisted the help of numerous craftspeople and designers to create a one of a kind space that provides the best training experience. Steel fabricators, interior decorators, architects, engineers, landscape designers and environmental consultants have all had an influence on this gym.

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handstand acrobatics strength movement mobility
Main Gym Floor

Where the majority of our classes take place. This area is designed for strength, movement and mobility.

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Outdoor Deck

This is the spot where you can sit and catch up with a mate, pick at the garden, or work on your handstands and calisthenics in the sun.

bjj muay thai bjj black belt grappling

The home of our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program and weekly Muay Thai sparring classes. This upstairs training space is a custom matted combat room which also doubles as a soft floor area for various elements of movement training.

Bathroom & Shower Facilities

We have two deluxe bathrooms with showers for our members to use. 

They each contain a change area, dyson hand dryers, Blaec hair dryers, and mirrors. The hot water is plentiful and comes with ample pressure. Our bathrooms also take the environment into consideration with recycled hand wash basins and eucalyptus air freshener.

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Fight Lift Move

We offer more than 40 classes per week, covering a range of Fight, Lift, Move classes.

This unique training methodology necessitates an adaptable training space. Our space caters for everything from Ido Portal inspired movement games and mobility, through to olympic weightlifting and bodyweight strength training. We use only the highest quality equipment for the best possible training experience. 

Gym Features:

• Custom designed and built pull up matrix and stall bars

• High-mount gymnastics rings and climbing ropes

• Pro-grade kettlebells and olympic weightlifting equipment

• Custom parkour and movement-based equipment such as rails, vaults and plyo boxes

• Fairtex heavy bags and Thai pads

• Dollamur wall and floor mats

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What is the best gym to join?

The best gym to join is the one that has what you need. We tend to look at this from a technical standpoint and get sucked in by the features of the place - like a sauna, 24/7 access, cheap membership fees and the like. What we should really be basing this decision off is if the coaches and staff of the place have our best interests at heart. If the leadership is passionate and doing their best to help each and every member that walks through the door, you can bet you will get much more than any gym offering you a cheap backpack and a sweat towel if you sign up today. Try to look away from the features, but rather review the people and the vibe of the place. Your heart will know when it's right for you.

Should I join a gym or workout at home?

Working out at home can be great and for some people it is the ideal place to train. Hopwever for most people, there are way too many distractions to deal with at home. A workout can easily be derailed by having to hang the washing out, mowing the lawn, or rearranging the garage. The beauty of having a gym to go to, is that the gym has only one purpose - to train. It is free of distraction, which means thats ultimately you get much better quality work done there. Other benefits are that in the gym, uou have a whole bunch of people doing the same things as you at the gym, which provides accountability. You also have access to coaches who are professionals and can help you progress towards your goals effectively.

Is going to the gym an expensive waste of time?

Going to the gym is only an expensinve waste of time if you pay for a membership and never go to the gym. Remember too, that the big gyms base their business model off this common human behaviour. It can be common for people to claim their gym membership is really cheap, but then in the same breath admint they haven't used the gym in 6 months. It's not hard to see how that can become quite a waste of money in the long run! On the flipside, if you're training in a gym where the coaches care about you and are holding you accountable to working towards your goals, you might pay a little bit more for the premium service, but you will be extracting value from thats service every week. Money well spent, we say.

What are the 5 basic exercises?

There are many basic exercises, but if we were to narrow it down to just five, we could say that the bodyweight squat, push up, bodyweight row, hollow body hold and deadlift are five good ones. These are based off of the five very simple movement patterns - squat, push, pull, flex and hip hinge. An exericse program that is built out of these 5 movement patterns will always be a great starting point. The key is to execute these movements with precision, and to gradually make them harder over time.

When should I join a gym?

The best time to join a gym is now. It's honestly very easy to find excuses as to why you shouldn't join a gym, and many of us think we need to be at a certain level of fitness before doing so. The classic thing we tell ourselves is "I'll just get a bit fitter and then join". There isn't anything wrong with this, buit it's usually just a mechanism we use to avoid starting somerthing that we knoe will be a little bit challenging. If you're thinking about joinining a good gym, then the coaches there should be able to take care of you and guide you along the path, regardless of how fit or unfit you are. The flipside to this point is if you go to a gym that doesn't pay the necessary care to your individual situation. In this situation you should be able to tell pretty quickly, and you would be best off leaving to find a gym that does.

Is working out 3 days a week enough?

Working out 3 days per week is ample for most peoples goals. The majority of people we work with want to stay fit, maybe drop a little body fat or buld some muscle, and continue to move better. Three days of training per week is perfect for this and also fits in well to a busy schedule. For people with more specific or complex goals, extra training might be necessary. However 3 days per week is what we recommend as a baseline committment of the members in our gym.


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