We Build Strong Bodies
& Strong People
A Gym for Epic Humans who want to
Build Strength Inside & Out
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We Build Strong Bodies
& Strong People
A Gym for Epic Humans who want to
Build Strength Inside & Out
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We Build Strong Bodies
& Strong People
A Gym for Epic Humans who want to
Build Strength Inside & Out
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Building Strong Bodies and Strong People

Marko TrkuljaMarko Trkulja
23:44 27 Jan 22
The coaches, community, facility and vibe of this place is unmatched. The high moral standard and strong leadership that Teora, Joey, Paul, Dylan and Az embody echoes into every part of the gym. Its made me a better person for spending time with them. If you're in Sydney, this is where you should be developing yourself. Cant wait to spend more time under their roof. Thank you guys for doing what you do!
Anand RajanAnand Rajan
10:28 20 Aug 21
An excellent gym that makes you strong and mobile. But much more than that. This is a whole community of people from all walks of life that want to get fit together and support each other. Complete with a fight program in striking or jiujitsu, this is the place to train. One of the best things you can spend money on.
Kyle MooreKyle Moore
22:16 04 May 21
Came to the gym looking to work on my jujitsu and thought may as well try a few of the fitness classes too. Absolutely loving both. Been here just over a month and seeing improvements in my body awareness, strength and movement. Great team of coaches and fellow members who really make you feel at home.
06:52 03 May 21
Thoroughly enjoyed my time training here. The variety in the workouts and the idea that simple everyday movement can be incredibly hard, was what I loved the most.
Jeremy MartinezJeremy Martinez
06:40 03 May 21
Coolest gym I have ever been too.Being a PT myself I usually go to a lot of good gyms that don’t have it all. They either have the strength but no mobility or the martial arts but not the conditioning... This gym has it all! I initially came for the community and feel but they are awesome. The coaches are unique in their approach and their beats create a great vibe to train. If you ever have the chance to train here even once you will not be disappointed!

I want to GET STRONG 


Home of the Fight-Lift-Move Training Method

This method has you moving in the patterns, environments and scenarios that humans were designed for.  Our method covers everything from Calisthenics and Mobility, through to Weightlifting and Combat. 

Capable of transforming bodies from any level of experience, we build well-rounded, capable and confident humans.

Best Gym in Sydney

high-level coaching

Effective Training only happens with Quality Coaching

Our well-qualified, industry leading coaches love what they do. From Ido Portal Movement specialists, to BJJ black belts, to Calisthenics and mobility experts - our gym is home to a wide range of coaches who each possess their own finely tuned skill sets. We collaborate together and continue to study our crafts to help you progress toward your goals.


Sydney's finest coaches offering private and small-group coaching

From Movement and Mobility, to Bodyweight Strength and Jiu Jitsu, Jungle Brothers is home to a diverse range of gold-standard Personal Trainers. PT is perfect for those wanting rapid progress, one-to-one accountability, or specialised programming.

Sydneys Best Personal Trainer


Supportive Hub of Friendships & Events

Community is one of the missing links in the modern lifestyle. Overly-demanding work schedules and family obligations leave most of us with little time for true social connection with like-minded humans.

 This perspective is central to our philosophy and permeates every part of this gym, from our warm ups, to the layout of the gym itself. With this community, comes a lifeline of support and accountability.

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