Are You A Broken Man?

Are YOUR energy levels during training feeling a little lower than usual ALL the time?

Do YOU find yourself dodging certain exercises because they don’t “feel right”? Exercises you’d have had no issue with attempting say ten, five or even two years ago?

Are YOU waking up with pins and needles in one arm or a sore lower back every morning?

Are YOU that guy that avoids the overhead press?

Do YOU Push through heavy sets of bench and put up with the pain that sets in that night?

Are YOU contemplating calling it quits on your sport or training because you’re sick of getting injured every time you try to make a comeback?



That Hurt.. Bro ?

You In Pain… Bro ?

Or maybe you already have..

If you’re that guy then I could safely say you’re also watching the weight slowly drop off the bar along with your with your motivation to train… Indeed, you are stuck in a dangerous downward spiral

There Are Many People In The Same Sad Situation –


There are thousands upon thousands of us that stop training because we have to, not because we want to

So why is it some of us can keep making gains well into our 60’s and beyond and some of us are forced to quit as early as our 20’s? Good genes? Nutrition?

No –

Some of us just know how to look after our bodies better than others

So where did YOU go wrong?



Let’s start at the beginning.  As a toddler, you play ALL day. Jump run, climb, dance

You grow up a bit, and head to school where your play time literally becomes a 10th of what it was and now you’re stuck in a chair for the most part of the day.. But, you still play

High school your play time halves again and becomes structured and specialized – You play your sport and sit in a chair more often than ever before

You leave school.. buy a car (more sitting) ditch your sport.. get a job at the desk.. then one day you notice a bit of a bulge around the midsection so you decide to head to the gym

Your Foundation is the Weakest and Most Structurally Unsound it Has Ever Been


You are now about to build on weak foundations. And the scariest thing about this scenario is, you’re going to get a mate who doesn’t know how to build a structurally sound body to un-teach you everything you know moving

A few years later you’re feeling the pinch of self prescription exercise..

Your joints and connective tissue are rejecting the punishment you’ve unknowingly put them through.. At this stage in your life, taking time out to train instead of spending time with the kids, starting a new business or meeting mates at the pub is hard enough

Taking time out to train with a broken body..?

Motivation is at an all time low

The thing is – I know this feeling…

The above description is my life story

It is also what prompted me to ask myself –

“Is there not another way…?”


Over the past 10 years, I’ve gathered and combined information inspired from Health Professionals, Physiotherapists, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Martial-Artists, Dance Choreographers – the list goes on..

After testing everything I’ve learned on myself and my clients..


I’ve refined it all back into what I feel are the few, absolutely most effective steps to rebuilding your strength and mobility..incorrect-sitting-posture-1024x775

These steps, when followed correctly, will undo years of physical self-abuse and negligence..

Broken athletes…

Middle-agers who were “never really into exercise”…

Corporate warriors whose skeletons have molded into the shape of their work-desk..

The big guy with plenty of muscle who can’t tie his own fucking show laces..

Jiu Jitsu players with two bung knees, shoulders and a sprained finger..

I have helped all of these people reach levels of Strength and Movement that they never thought possible –


I am talking about completely reshaping your structure and putting you in a position to surpass your previous limitations.. And reach a level of confidence and ability that will apply to any task you wish to pursue

I’ve curated this material and organized it into a format that I believe to be the most straightforward and effective system out there..

None of this material is mine of course –

Like any good practitioner.. I have learned from others at the top of their game, combined the knowledge and applied it to myself and my clients

The results speak for themselves

This is by no means a substitute for rehabilitation exercises prescribed by a health professional.. But –

This is a program designed to introduce you to a world of training that minimises your chances of injury by making your joints and connective tissue BULLET PROOF

You Are Not Alone


It’s time to step away from the barbell, pull-up bar bench-press or rings –

Not forever.. But for 6 weeks only

It’s time strip back the layers and turn that self-built foundation of poor workmanship to the Pillar of Strength it was designed to be –

Are you training through pain because you feel there is no other option..? Think again

You’re holding yourself back from reaching your pain free potential.. Your pain free potential is YOUR FULL POTENTIAL!

It’s time to give your body that well overdue overhaul it deserves and not just take back what you once had but gain what you have never had before..

Pain Free Gains


Do not leave it in the hands of your Doctor/Physio once you have let it get too far out of control..

Give your body the attention, and the respect it deserves now and start laying the foundations of a truly Strong and Mobile human

If you think you might be a good fit for our program – click here – and fill out the quick form so I can get in touch with you ASAP to discuss your current situation


It’s time to get started.. Now


Move free people



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  • August 15, 2016
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