I Couldn't Even Do A Handstand Against The Wall


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I want to tell you my story..

It’s a conversation i find myself having quite often…. I was NOT a gymnast as a child

In fact I played soccer from 6 until 22..

Besides that i had tried to get into ‘the gym’ as a scrawny 17 year old wanting to get big but that failed. 6 months of training, zero results

It was only in my mid 20’s that I started to develop my physical self

It started with immersion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which soon led to exploring more ways of conditioning the body

You see.. I spent time working the Calisthenics crew swinging around bars down at Bondi Beach. I delved into Crossfit well before it had become a worldwide trend. I researched the work of Ido Portal, a movement guru i had stumbled across on YouTube

I was learning lots of stuff but wasn’t seeing any real results in skill or performance

Cut to the Handstand –

A year and a half ago i couldn’t do a handstand. I couldn’t even visualise one. I had no idea of HOW to do one, let alone possess the required skill, strength or mobility. On occasion i had kicked up into a horrible banana shape against a wall when other people were trying them, and i had played around in the sand with them down at the beach..

Zero success.. Every time

It was a movement I saw OTHER people do… Not myself

This was until December 2014 when i attended a Movement Workshop in Melbourne run by the skilful teacher Ido Portal. It was at this workshop where i was exposed to a community of people who COULD do handstands, and not the banana-bendy shitty ones i had tried to do, but arrow-straight, tight, controlled ones that they could hold for well over 30 seconds

I was extremely humbled at this workshop and for the first time a process was revealed to me on how to achieve this movement i thought out of my reach.  A path to follow

For the next year i continued along this path, structuring my training with that one primary goal in mind. I researched methods, spoke with people EDUCATED in how to practice them, and exposed myself to learning wherever possible

I trained hard, and addressed my weaknesses, restrictions and bad habits.

10 months later I achieved my first 60s handstand. A monumental event in my journey as a mover and as a human

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 12.22.44 pm

This was the moment i got my first 60s handstand


I am proud of this achievement, and i continually strive to progress the skill even further

I also now teach the handstand to my students in our gym and seeing them make progress of their own is something i take great pride in

If you are interested in learning about how YOU can achieve your own handstand, download our Free Handstand Guide and get started ASAP

As always reach out to me if you would like to discuss your own training journey… You can add me on facebook right here

Happy training






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  • June 1, 2016
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