Inaugural Met-Endurance Trek was a burning success!

Warm up bear walk

Just a quick recap –

The Metabolic Endurance Trek was unreal! Thanks to all those who turned up. We had a massive turnout for the day and let it be known, everyone completed the trek valiantly.

For many friends and family the trek began with much trepidation. However, once we got going, the anxieties and stresses of city life were left behind with the concrete skyline. We were quickly consumed by bush and motivated by the challenge ahead.

Staying warm after a tough ascent. Not there yet though

With the four of us JBs amongst the ranks the crew kept a steady pace. The terrain varied. We descended, we climbed, crossed creeks and managed to fit a swim in. The burn was up early in our legs and was kind enough to accompany us right through to the end.  With Bettsy as our arrowhead, he took a crew of hardcores running ahead, doubling back and going forward again. With featured hunting-like track-running drills along the way the H2O just couldn’t fill the lungs quick enough. The views, however, kept us positively distracted and the oxygen we took in was so clear it was a pleasure to breathe.

The team under negotiations

The track was just under 11kms (without all the extra drills).  The warm down back at the carpark gave way to more merriment and banter – for me a highlight that carried right throughout the entire day. I think many of the crew surprised themselves in the end, and I know they have lots more to give in the future.

Looking forward to the next one indeed! Don’t miss out. Keep a watch on our facebook page or here on our website for more details.

Until then, get your arses down to training folks! The Brothers are waiting.


Teora snapped this one from the water – TREK SQUAD!

After the trek trying on the new kit. Available in the not too distant future.





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  • May 8, 2013
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