It all started in 1977

Im sure you have noticed that every few years the health experts change their minds about what is good for you and what is not. Well it’s because they really didn’t know until now. Medical experts around the world are finally coming to the realisation that they have been touting the WRONG medical advice for the last 50 years and causing a diabetes, heart disease and obesity epidemic that is killing us!!

First let me say that you will always hear the contrary, and that is one of the reasons why we are in such bad shape. It is in a companys interest to sell their product. When the amount of sodium was dropped in the nutritional guidelines they complained and said that we need it..of course they would. When we were told to eat less meat and fish, the industry complained as well. Conversely when we were told to eat more grains, bread and pasta the agricultural companies pushed it on us even harder. Did you know that farmers are paid an agricultural subsidy which influences the price of grains? Thats why things such as Coke (contains corn syrup) and bread is so cheap.

It all started in 1977 with the Mcgovern Committee. It was formed in the United States and its initial role was to address the concern of hunger and malnutrition in the poor socioeconomic areas of the country. A report called Hunger USA found that diseases that were thought to exist only in undeveloped countries such as Africa, were found in the USA. The Senate and house committees were not interested in the facts and said that it was a matter of peoples ignorance of what should constitute a balanced diet. Good ole government…looking after it’s people.

Over the years the committee looked at how to address peoples eating habits, then in 1977, against protest from the American Medical Association, they rolled out a National nutritional guidelines. These guidelines are what we have grown up with, what is still taught today but has been killing us for the last 50 years. These guidelines were not based on any medical studies or evidence so the population has been the governments white mice in their unwitting experiment. Now i’m not anti government, i have just experienced the difference in health from following a different set of guidelines and i’m hoping you will too.

So we all know the old guidelines: eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, whole grain bread and pasta, a moderate amount of lean meat, and a little fat and sugar.

The new guidelines: low carbohydrate, high fat. (LCHF).

You think i’m crazy right? Eat high fat to lose weight and gain better health.

Watch this Youtube clip from an expert such as Tim Noakes, director of the UCT/Medical Research Council (MRC) Research Unit for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine and Discovery Health professor of exercise and sports science.

What your probably aware of-

  • high levels of sugar in the blood is extremely toxic (diabetics)
  • low density lipoprotein (LDL) are the “bad fats”
  • high density lipoprotein (HDL) are the “good fats”
  • carbohydrates breakdown into simple sugars. Complex carbohydrates take longer to break down into theses sugars.

The growing body of evidence is showing now that carbohydrates are the reason why we are getting obese (roughly 63% of Australians), diabetes and heart disease (leading killer in Australia, which is preventable). It has been shown that a diet which is >60% carbohydrates, greatly increases LDL levels, risk of developing diabetes type 2, and gaining weight. High triglycerirde levels are a marker for high carbohydrate diets (not good).

Food taste good because of 2 things, fat and/or sugar. So for years they were telling us not to eat sugar which is right, but they also said don’t eat a lot of fats. Maybe thats why “healthy food” got the reputation of being bland or not very tasty.

So this is a very quick and basic look into the new way of eating to stay healthy. please take the time to watch Tim Noakes and look at the other links as this will give you a much better understanding of this topic.

What can we do and what should i eat?

  • Loads of fresh vegetables
    • any vegetable that grows under the ground is higher in carbohydrates. (thats right it not just bread and pasta)
    • eat these in moderation.
  • Eat fruit
    • Again be carful here. Anything that is normally  juiced (apples, oranges) is high in sugar, thats why its sweet.
    • Go for stone fruits and berries. black berries, strawberries, apricots, plumbs, peaches…
    • Bananas are high in Carbohydrates so moderate or have before, during or post exercise.
  • Eat lean sources of meat and fish
  • Eat plenty of nuts and seeds
  • Stay right away from breads, pasta, cakes biscuits…anything that is made in a factory.
  • Eat moderate amounts of rice
  • Go for your high fat dairy products such as cheese, ricotta, cottage cheese, yogurt, butter (yay!)
  • Use coconut oil or virgin olive oil

You have been the experiment for year now, why not be the scientist? If you are not happy with your nutrition then get out there and try a new way of eating and SEE FOR YOURSELF.

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  • September 3, 2013
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Brilliant and refreshing advice. Please keep this blog up, highly needed!

joey Reply

Stick of butter wrapped in lettuce and fried in coconut oil. I am so loving my breakfast today, guilt free! Thanks Bettsy!

atbettsy Reply

Glad i could help with your breakFATS.
I think thats taking “high fats” a little too far

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