It's OK To Hate Exercise

Have You Got The Wrong Perspective On Exercise?


I’ve had a billion conversations with people who want to get back on top of their health and fitness. In these chats i’ll generally hear something along the lines of –

’I really need to start exercising because; I’m getting fat / injured / old / doctor told me to’ etc etc


I can appreciate this situation. However there’s a fundamental problem here –

This person has a dilemma on their hands, they’re looking for a quick fix and they believe that exercise is that fix. For a short period it may be. They may be able to shift some weight, restore some mobility, and start feeling a bit better

But what happens after that? What happens once the acute problem (ie. the excess KGs, the doctor telling them to lose weight etc.) has been addressed? Do they just go back to living how they were before? Does the cycle just kick back over and 18months later they’re having the same chat with another PT?


The Modern-Day Exercise Negative Feedback Loop (you might recognise it):

1.  “I ate and drank to much on the weekend”

2.  “I’m so out of shape”

3.  “I have to get back into the gym”

4.  “When am I going to be in shape again?”

The fitness industry has become really good at fuelling this neg-storm too. Lets’ take a moment to explore some messaging within modern marketing and gym culture that i believe reinforces this issue

>> Drop The Belly fat Now!

>> Transform in 6 Weeks!

>> Tone Up, Look Good, Feel Great!

Goddamn. I feel your pain. Just writing that shit makes me feel average


Can You Flip The Script ?

Is it possible that they could scrap this definition?

Could they take a different perspective – one that’s more empowering. More motivating. One that allows them to address the fundamental issue that perhaps got them into the situation they’re in right now?

Something along the lines of:

          > I choose to respect this biological masterpiece i was lucky enough to wind up in

> I would like to hang out with some new mates and dose up on positive energy outside of work

          > I’m keen to further my skill-set and become a stronger, more coordinated, more flexible human being

          > I value new experiences and developing myself


I don’t love exercising. But I enjoy training regularly and I believe it’s because i take a perspective similar to these

Maybe the negative feedback loop that has fuelled the constant new years resolutions, yo yo diets and unused gym memberships doesn’t have to continue… Maybe you could flip the script on this process of blowing cash, feeling lousy, getting sub-optimal results in a gym you don’t get excited to turn up to

Perhaps you could even find a way to froth out on improving yourself (crazy right?)… On taking regular time to invest in yourself and then watching that investment pay off across all other areas of your life?

I believe you can. You just gotta take a different perspective my friend

The beautiful part of all this is that while you’re focussing on all this cool stuff thats making your life richer, you will drop the weight, and get fitter, and your doctor will pat you on the back and say how happy they are with your progress


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  • May 12, 2018
  • Blog