Preparing for fat loss

One of the keys to good nutrition is being prepared. The ever ready Boy Scouts live by their motto

“Always be prepared”.

The 5 P’s is also another mantra to live by- Poor Preparation = Piss Poor Performance.


This guy obviously didn’t know the 5 P’s!!!

You get the idea….be prepared.

Now days in an ever increasing time poor society it is becoming harder to be prepared when it comes to nutrition. So we end up eating too many refined carbohydrates. We get tired, stressed, over worked, and skip meals which ultimately lead to poor food choices.


The need for instant gratification is a road to failure

You know the times. Get up in the morning, busy, tired, skip breakfast with the promise of getting it on the way to the office. Maybe you do but it’s a egg and bacon sandwich, a coffee or a pastry. Maybe you skip it as work gets in the way and before you know it it’s lunch time. Work provides food such as sandwiches on white bread, tim tams, biscuits, cake, pastries… (Im actually blow away when clients tell me about the refined food they provide them). After you feel like shit, guilty, sick, depressed because your blood sugar has dropped off its high and now your on the sugar roller coaster to diabetes. Of course it may not be all that bad but you could be eating better. It just a mater of


A key is to have some GO TO MEAL OPTIONS.

Breakfast options

Don’t tell me you don’t have time for at least one of these, there is NO excuse.

  • Yogurt, berries, nuts…
  • Whole meal Oats, boiled water or milk, protein powder (180 nutrition), berries, nuts….
  • Boiled eggs, ham, nuts, cheese…(boil the eggs the night before)
  • Quinoa porridge. (Make this the night before or a big batch on Sunday and place in jars)
    • Cook the quinoa with water and milk, cinnamon, honey…add berries, nuts…etc morning of.

Make these at home the night before while making dinner or on Sunday.

  • Lunch box salad.
    • Fill a lunch box with any of the following: kale/lettuce/spinach leaves, tomato, avocado, nuts, berries/banana, mushroom, courage cheese/ricotta, chicken/salmon/tuna/beef…
  •    Have GO TO places where you can get a good whole meal lunch such as fish and salad, baked veggies, a supper shake….



Most of us are good when it comes to dinner, it the OTHER times we need to focus on the most.



This is the big one! The food we eat when we are out and about, at work, on weekends, sitting on the couch watching the TV….Some favorites of mine are…

  • Smoked salmon fillet from the supermarket and blue berries.
  • Fruit (Banana, strawberries or blue berries) and ricotta.
  • Cottage cheese and nuts. (cottage cheese has Casein, a slow releasing protein)
  • Nuts- almonds, cashews, walnuts…
  • A large glass of water!!! When thirsty you may mistakenly go for food to gain the water from it.
  • Supper shake. Milk or water, protein, fruit, nuts…

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