Why Exercise Is Harder At 30

*Taken from a popular Facebook post we made last month

That frustrating training drop-off that happens around 30

(Or 26, or 32, or somewhere around then…)

Training 4 days a week was a no-brainer. Motivation was on tap… Getting up early was easy, so was staying up late… It was the gains gold rush!

Then before you know it – motivation is nowhere to be found… Work is super busy. It becomes hard to find family time. Your energy levels are low. When’s the last time you spent 90minutes doing your own thing in the gym?

We went through this ourselves…

And believe us, we fought it tooth and nail

We tried ramping up it all up again, returning to the old programs that got us results in the past. Getting that intensity back. Waking up early to get into the gym and smash it out. Training late after work. Whatever it took to ‘get it done’

It was short-lived.

We got burned out… Training wasn’t fun like it used to be… Started stacking up the niggling injuries… Dug ourselves even deeper into the pit of low energy… Even being back in the gym felt de-motivating

Running a business, a family, taking longer to recover… Things had changed

Our lives and our bodies had changed

We were trying to take the same approach to our training that we had taken back in the day. It seemed logical at the time, but in reality things now looked very little like they did back then…

A new approach was needed

We realized that it was simply just a transition, but that it was part of our life-cycle. We learned that if we can embrace it, it’s actually possible to make this transition a catalyst to take our training to completely new heights

To become fitter and stronger in our 30s, 40s and 50s than ever before…

We destroyed the mantra of “if only i was as fit as i was back in my 20s”

It’s funny, because sometimes the thing that seems like the biggest hurdle can end up becoming once of your greatest opportunities

This is what caused us to take a completely different approach to how we coach our members, run our gym, manage our own training

Stop wishing you were 20 again. Embrace the transition and start making moves in the right direction. It’s a great time to be alive


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  • November 6, 2018
  • Blog