Would You Travel As Far As Jayden For Your Gym?

Meet Jayden

Mate of mine for over a year now, and JB Tribesman as of the last few months

Like so many people who train here at the JBs, Jayden ​doesn't live that locally.. He lives in Cronulla and works in Potts Point. It's safe to say, he travels a bit to get to our classes

Why would he choose to train at the JBs when he's probably got plenty more convenient options closer to work or home?

​It's quite simple actually.. You see, Jayden doesn't see training as something he 'has to do'.. It's not just purely an offset to a shitty lifestyle (like it unfortunately is for so many)

Instead.. He see's it as a place where he can receive expert coaching across many fields.. a place where he can fill his bucket with inspiration on the regular.. where he can work towards achieving beastly bodyweight skills under the guidance of top coaches.. where he can bro-down with like minded epic humans like himself.. and - "listen to bangers"

(there's no generic top 40's pop bullshit here FYI)

The lesson here is that YOU should value your training

Whatever type of training it is, you should froth out on it. You should be excited to get into the place, even at 6am when you haven't slept that much.. ​You should be stoked to see your training buddies and go set for set on some killer strength work once the class starts 

If you're not feeling this pumped, then something is wrong..​

Here are some questions you should ask yourself about your training:

1) Would I still train here if it wasn't convenient?

I2) If my gym shut it's doors tomorrow would I care?

3) Do I actually enjoy my time in the gym?

4) Do my coaches really give a shit about my development?

​We strongly believe that if the majority of your answers look like: "not really" / "probably not" / "no", then you should reconsider why you're investing time, money and energy into something you don't really give two f#cks about 

Look at it this way - if it were your life partner, you'd have reached Splittsville by now


The solution is simple... You need to source out a community that you WANT to be a part of.. To seek out a place like Jayden has and make it part of your life

It should have quality coaches who are stoked to see you on the daily.. an energetic community that trains hard, makes big gains, and welcomes all comers.. they should inspire and motivate you

We really froth out on working with people like Jayden... people that want more from their training

You're probably thinking you could be getting more out of your training experience.. and we reckon that if you've made it this far down, you're probably the right kind of human for the JB Tribe

So check it out.. if you think you'd benefit from being part of a legendary community like ours -​

We're offering you a Strength & Movement Consult (valued at $130), via phone or in person at the gym, absolutely FREE

The consult takes an in depth look at where you're currently at, regarding: Lifestyle, Injuries, Body Composition, Strength, Mobility, Fitness. It then goes into your Training History and Current Training Goals set.. From there we look at ways to achieve those goals

This is an extremely valuable process if you're looking to take your training to the next level.. It's also completely Obligation Free.. Just an in depth analysis of WHERE YOU'RE AT and where you'd like to be

All you need to do is throw your details into the form below and Joey will be in touch pronto to book you in



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  • June 22, 2017
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