Are You a Jungle Brother?

We are sick of watching a toxic fitness industry destroy people’s hopes and dreams.

We are tired of seeing good people wasting time in conventional gyms not achieving any goals.

We stand for everything that is NOT conventional fitness – Machines, treadmills, overly isolated resistance routines, TVs playing shitty music, and too many people staring in the mirror. We stand against the culture of over priced and misinformed personal trainers.

We are three long-time mates who are super passionate business owners and are constantly developing ourselves to be better teachers, coaches, movers, humans.






What do we do?

We believe that Modernity has had a pretty damn negative effect on humanity. In countering this, we seek to empower our fellow humans through realizing their physical potential. We are here to facilitate ongoing development for these committed humans through training, educating, and exploring. We teach group classes and also on a private basis from our gym in Botany. We teach people of ALL levels of experience

What we teach is based around 3 key training modalities:

Bodyweight Movement

Fight Conditioning

Weight Lifting

We see these three disciplines as essential areas of practice for anyone wanting to become a well balanced, LEAN and STRONG animal.

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“When I started at Jungle Brothers, I only cared about looking good naked. After a few weeks, I realized my goals had totally changed. I am now more mobile, stronger, faster and basically way harder to kill. Looking good naked turned out to be the by-product”

Jack S






Who trains with us?

EVERYONE. People of all shapes, all sizes, ages, background and experience
We have 28 year old males wanting to learn ring muscle ups and get heavy back squats
We have 50+ year old women with no training experience who want to increase their overall strength and mobility
We have 32 year old males who are sick of feeling tubby and weak and want some real gains
We have 22 year old women who want to look great, deadlift double their body weight, and learn a handstand
We have 39 year old males who are sick of having fuck all to show for half a decade of membership at fitness first

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What is the common bond amongst all of these people?

These people all want to become stronger, leaner, more mobile, and enjoy themselves.
All of our members set goals, all of them make GAINS on a daily basis, and all of them have a goddamn blast in the process.

We pride ourselves on brining people of all levels of experience into our tribe and nurturing them to their full potential.
If you think this sounds like something you would be interested in, please GET IN TOUCH with us right now. We would love to chat with you about how you can start making some serious progress with the JBs


Waiting gets you nowhere. CONTACT US NOW and change your life



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  • February 20, 2016
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