My one night stand.....with food

Many years ago I had a food affair that lasted about 1 week.

She was beautiful.

A friend introduced us and it was a hit straight away. We couldn’t stay away from each other. I thought about her all the time.

However like all things, it had to come to an end.

We ended up in bed one night after coming home from a night out. I jumped in bed with her and I blacked out. I’d had to much to drink.

I awoke in the morning to discover the disaster, and the end of my affair….with Vegemite, avocado and cheese, on buttered toast.

She was squashed all over my chest, in my armpit, my hair. My pillow had green avocado with cheese pressed into it. Vegemite was smeared across my forehead, along with dignity.

I knew we were over.

When a friend introduced us it was a smash straightaway. I’d make it all the time, every day, some times multiple times a day!!

I loved it!!

It started to loss it’s luster by the end of the week but I was hanging on to what we had at the beginning.

Now it’s gone.

Love a good strawberry

I was thinking of this story as I was driving around the city. Drawing parallels between food and our personal relationships.

I divided our food relationship into two categories: one night stands & long lasting relationships.

One night stand
  • Somewhat meaningless
  • Enjoy it now for what it is, not what it may be
  • Usually doesn’t contribute a great deal in making us a stronger person
  • The relationship is a fleeting moment
  • Instant gratification, heat of the moment, and taste drives our decisions
  • We don’t care wither it’s good or bad for us
  • We usually pick the “bad” ones for the one night stand

Ole favorite, meat and two veg


Lasting relationship
  • Has a much deeper meaning
  • Enjoy it for a majority of the time but not all the time
  • We enjoy it in its current state and what it will become
  • It helps us to grow and become better
  • A much longer lasting relationship
  • We care wither it’s good or bad for us
  • If it’s bad it doesn’t last but when it’s good it is very good for us
  • We usually pick the good ones for the lasting relationship

We are usually a mixture of the two, never totally one or the other. However your probably more one sided then you think. You may be the one night stand type or the longer lasting relationship type.

Which category do you dominate?

To help you figure it out, ask yourself these questions.

  • Where does it come from?
  • Will it make me stronger?
  • Do I want instant gratification or something greater?
  • Am I giving in to my craving or thinking of the bigger picture?
  • Do I see food as fuel or entertainment?
  • Do I take time to prepare my own food or do i hate putting in the effort?
  • Do I take time to source my food or just take what’s available at the time?

That’s one sexy burger

If you find that your more on the one night stand side of the spectrum, then this may well be a reason your not reaching your desired fitness/body composition related outcomes.

I believe that the better our relationship is with food, the better our results will be.

How to strengthen the relationship

Like any relationship, it needs to be worked at. We need to put in time, money and effort. If we do, the pay off will be huge.

Within my own personal relationship I realized that it is much easier running away when things get uncomfortable. Easier to move on and leave it behind. No ongoing conflict, freedom to do what I want when I want. I also realized that this was not the right choice. A longer relationship provides strength. By working through the tough times I came out stronger and so did the other person. Supporting one another strengthens the whole system. This exact philosophy can be applied to your nutrition. It’s easy to: eat crap, buy takeaway, give in to cravings, not spend time sourcing good food, avoid grocery shopping, by lunch at work….However this does not contribute to strengthening us as a person. The tough challenges are where we grow and get stronger. We develop strong wills, determination, mental toughness, confidence, to reach our goals.

We run a 5 week nutrition program that aids in getting you back in touch with your food. Think of it like a marriage counselor. We help you to strengthen your resolve, and develop good solid nutrition habits that are sustainable.

Your program is design specifically to your needs. There are no foods that are denied to you.
Nothing is too hard to complete.
Many clients lose 4-5kg over the 5 weeks, easily. As long as they apply themselves fully to the program. I wont lie, if you don’t apply yourself to the program you’ll get sub standard results. You may still improve your nutrition, however i find that the people that give it 100% get GREAT RESULTS.

For more info go here, or email

Sexy whole food

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  • January 17, 2015
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