Dealing With The Newbie Struggle

Facing the fact that you’re not very good at something is tough

Pretty much every new member at our gym goes through this at some point…

Whether it’s feeling completely out of their depth at the bodyweight strength work and locomotion in a Jungle-Nastics class…. Or being uncoordinated with the finer technicalities in our Lift class, or keeping a flow in the strength and movement based conditioning work in our S&M class

We do a lot of stuff here that exposes deficiencies. The ego really takes a hit

It almost doesn’t matter much how much experience you have before coming to our gym either. You might be proficient in one of the areas we focus on (Fight, Lift, Move)… But, chances are you’re going to have little experience in one, if not two of those other areas, and that’s where you’ll feel the emotional burn (we call this the ‘suck’)

We’re super aware of this, and it’s precisely why we do it

We want to expose our people to the things they’re not very good at so that they can be better. If we didn’t do this – how could we expect them to grow as a mover, or as a human? We believe this concept is central to our method of training and why we produce such incredible results amongst the individuals of our tribe

It’s not to say that we don’t also want you to celebrate the things they’re good at, and develop those further too – this is also an important aspect of an effective and enjoyable training program. However, we really want to make them experience this discomfort by exposing them to the stuff that will ultimately push them to new heights in both their training and life

In embracing the suck there are three things we must do:
  1. embrace challenge
  2. forget what you think you know
  3. trust the process

If you haven’t listened to our podcast on this topic you should check that out right now, it was a high value episode Bodyweight Training: Why You Need To Embrace The Suck

If this message resonates with you please share it with a friend. You might just help them take their training to new heights too


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  • July 6, 2018
  • Blog