PROGRAM BREAKDOWN: Jungle-Nastics, Cycle 5, 2018


Cycle 5 (5 weeks)

This program is all about bodyweight strength development, so think handstands, calisthenics, flexibility, and a little bit of acro. I would say this class is by far the most challenging on offer at JB – purely because it’s dealing with a lot of dynamic, complex movement patterns. Some newbies find this one hard at first, but it’s a great environment to develop in, one you can embrace the initial suck (you should listen to our podcast on this topic)

Movement selection in this cycle:

  1. Handstand
  2. Pistol Squat
  3. Ring Strength
  4. Locomotion

*We run two different class programs per week, with two movements per class (similar to S&M)

The thinking in this program is no different to the other classes – we want to make improvements across each individual in the tribe in terms of strength, mobility, and movement capacity

Handstands are a staple of this program, as they can always do with more work no matter where you’re at. Rings and locomotion work are also a staple of the JNastics program

Handstand: After a couple of cycles exploring more dynamic entries, i’ve brought it back to the staple landmarks which we work on year in and year out – chest to wall holds, rebalancing drills, and assisted freestanding work. This allows people of all levels to make fast, systematic progress with their handstands – and if they’re not really into handstands, they can just appreciate the wrist, shoulder and trunk strength that comes from such exercises

Pistol Squat: A bodyweight staple, however a very challenging movement mobility-wise for so many. This cycle i’ve come up with some new landmarks which will allow everyone to get stronger and more mobile, regardless of where they’re at. Healthy knees, strong hips, who wouldn’t like to pistol? Plus it gives a nice rest between sets on the hands

Ring Strength: There’s so many movement to work with here, particularly in the Straight-Arm realm. This cycle we’re focussing on the support, back level and inverted hang. The newer tribe members will use simpler variations to build up each position, and the more advanced will be able to hit all 3 holds in a nice, tidy sequence. Rings allow us to develop immensely strong shoulders and core, as well as getting comfortable working with an cool piece of portable gym equipment

Locomotion: I’ve brought back the lizard crawl (olden but golden) which is an upper body monster, and combined it with the Ape Step (a lower body monster) in the hope that we can create some movement sexiness that transitions between the two forms of locomotion… Lets see how that goes. As with all locomotion we’re looking at developing bulletproof joints, supreme body awareness, muscular endurance, and a big brain that can solve complex problems

After a hefty warm up, these components will take up 15mins of practice. We will then move on to 10 or so minutes of accessory work which mirrors very closely the movement in part 1, only with slightly less complexity and a bunch more reps to help support well rounded development and recovery. The final piece is a short 5 or so minute finisher usually working on burning out a couple of areas of the body, largely the abs. Gets a bit of a sweat on and finishes the class with a bang. Just the way i like it

Like always if you have any questions on this or anything related to our classes or training, please reach out. You can contact me directly here



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  • June 22, 2018
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