FAQ: Jungle Brothers Strength & Movement

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What Do You Actually Do There?

We run classes covering a wide variety of training styles. Our classes are designed to build skilful, strong and mobile humans, and will generally be themed around the areas of Fight, Lift, or Move. At present we run around 8 different class programs throughout the week, each with it’s own periodised program built by us. Our method is constantly evolving as we are

Is It Only For Men?

No it’s not. Interesting stat for you – 55% of our members are females

How Many Classes Per Week Should I Do?

We suggest a minimum of 3, which provides enough regularity to make it 1) a sustainable habit, and 2) enough work to get the results from our training. Ideally we like to see our members every day, so you can train as much as you like

Is It Crossfit?

No. It’s our own thing. However some of the things we do here are quite similar to Crossfit – conditioning work, interval training, strength training etc. As coaches we have also been through the Crossfit coaching course and spent time training in Crossfit gyms so we definitely draw inspiration from it, and it plays a small part in what we do as a whole. The main differentiating factor in our approach is that we focus more on Movement Quality rather than Intensity

Can I Do My Own Training There?

Yep, we actually encourage it. The only condition is that the class gets priority over equipment use. There’s plenty of space for both. We give our members prehab and rehab exercises all the time, as well as write fully customised programs for those with specific goals, so most of our Tribe are putting some time in each week towards their training outside of class times


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Is Everyone There A Full-On Weapon?

Not at all! Our goal is to turn everyone into one, but the vast majority of our members are here not because they’re a supreme athlete, but because they’re looking to have fun, get in great shape, be around awesome people and receive the highest quality coaching

Do You Offer Personal Training?

Most definitely. For many people, the class format isn’t their cup of tea. Whether they prefer to train solo with a coach, or they just like to have a coaches eye on them through the session – we offer Personal Training to those who want it. We will also suggest personal training to those individuals we see needing some extra help outside of the class format, just to bring things up to speed

I Haven’t Trained Before, Is It Too Advanced For Me?

No. All of our members go through a consult and a foundation workshop before joining our classes. After the foundation workshop, if we feel that you’re not ready for classes we will let you know and provide whatever coaching is needed to get you ready. We pride ourselves on making our training accessible for beginners

Do You Lift Weights?

Yes we do. With ‘Lift’ being one of our core areas of focus, we think learning how to handle an external load is important for all humans. We do this in the form of barbells, kettlebells, humans, sandbags and other weighted objects

How Long Are Classes?

All classes are 60mins except for our evening and Saturday Grappling class which is 90mins

Do You Do Weight Loss Training?

Yes we do. We just call it training. The thing is – we focus on building strength, mobility, and skills. The cool part of this is that weight loss, muscle gain, toning and all the rest are the by-product of this process. So, you will most definitely lose weight if that’s your goal, we just choose to not focus ONLY on that

It’s Like F45, Right?

Fundamentally no. Our goal is develop each human in our gym to their maximal potential, rather than just make them ‘exercise’. For this reason we take the time in our classes to build the strength and mobility required to achieve high level skills. We also do our own programming in house, rather than using an automated program from outside the gym. If we had to summarize the difference, it’s that we take more of a long-term and individualized view with each member of our tribe

Do I Need To Get Fit Before I Start?

No. This is ridiculous! It’s like repairing your car before you take it to the mechanic. We are highly educated coaches and we specialize in helping people develop themselves physically and mentally. During your consult and Foundation Workshop we will review your situation and then make a path for you based on what we think is the best path forward. We won’t throw you straight into a busy fight class if we think you’re not ready, instead we’ll suggest you attend some of our lower intensity classes to get the body and the confidence into the right place before diving in the deep end

Are There Kids Classes?

Yep! We’re kicking off our kids program February 5th which will run between 3:45pm and 5:10pm. We offer a mix of Kids BJJ/Grappling and Movement classes across the week. If you’d like more info on this please reach out to info@junglebrothers.com

Do You Do HIIT?

Yep. We call it conditioning. We use it often in our Strength and Movement and our Fight factory classes

Is It Possible To Do Two Classes In A Row?

of course! Many people do. You might not feel up to it in your first couple of weeks, but if you’ve got the energy we think it’s a great way to train. We also arrange our timetable so that back to back classes will compliment one another

Can I Train On My Own While Classes Are On?

Totally. We only require that the class gets first dibs on gear and space. That said we have heaps of gear and heaps of space so this generally is not a problem


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When Can I Use The Gym During The Day?

Whenever you like if you’re a member. On weekdays we open at 5:45am and close 8:30pm and the gym is open for members to use all day long

Can I Bring My Kids To Class?

Yep! We have kid friendly class at 0930 mon-fri. There is a set mat area off to the side where kids can hang out, roll around, study etc while being able to watch their parent/s training. We’re big on kids being in the gym with their parents – it sets a great example and give them exposure to a wide range of new people.

Do You Offer Nutrition Advice?

Most definitely. Nutrition plays a big part in optimizing any humans health. We provide nutrition advice to members on request. For those who really want to dial-in their results we run an in-house Nutrition Program that sets targets and provides accountability as well as education. For more info on this please reach out to info@junglebrothers.com

How Big Are The Classes?

We cap our classes at 20 people. The average in our morning peak session (5:45am) is 14, and in our peak evening session (6:15pm) 16 people. Once our classes start to head up towards 20 again we either add extra classes so that the numbers are dispersed, or we add a second coach to that class

Where Does Your Training Method Come From?

In short, everywhere. We don’t limit ourselves to any one method. Us three JBs – Paul, Teora and myself all have our own journeys that brought us to where we are. Combat is a common thread for all of us – BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing and Kung Fu. We’ve spent many years in commercial gyms, Crossfit gyms, weightlifting gyms and the like. We’ve learned a huge amount from the numerous high level coaches we’ve worked with, and continue to work with: Ido Portal, Gymnastic Bodies, Emmet Louis, Yuri Marmerstein, Fighting Monkey, Simonster and many others

Why Are You Called The Jungle Brothers?

We came up with the idea many years ago. We wanted our name to express a few difference things – the ancestral human, environmental awareness, our long time friendships (Paul, Tee and myself), something that goes against the grain…

We tossed a bunch of names around and Jungle Brothers was what stuck

How Can I Start?

First step is a consult with a JB coach and you can book that in right here


Hope that answers some questions for you!

If there’s anything we missed that you want an answer for just throw it into the comments below and we’ll get back you pronto

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