Taking Training To The Next Level At The JB Retreat

In May this year we took a small group of thrill-seeking, hard-working humans to a secluded waterside paradise on Sydneys Northern beaches for the second ever JB Retreat...

Over the next 4 days these guys would be immersed in a 4 day Strength, Movement and Lifestyle experience like no other... Our intention was to expose them to the deeper layers of the JB Philosophy and push them far beyond their current boundaries 

We wanted to give these guys an experience they'd remember for the rest of their lives

Christina Tesoriero

I was lucky to have attended the first ever JB retreat and consider myself even luckier to have experienced the second one. The day's were filled with hard core training, outdoor adventures (wildlife included), food that was soo delicious you should expect major withdrawal symptoms when you return home, continuous laughter, and (mostly harmless) banter. It was an absolute pleasure to be led by three epic coaches and to be surrounded by a great bunch of amazing athletes. For those who haven't been on a JB retreat get on it bro, you're missing out!

Over the 4 days we explored all modes of training that make up the JB Philosophy - Gymnastic Rings... Flexibility and Mobility... Hand-balancing and Locomotion... Organic strength development... Grappling... Stand up striking... Trail Running... Swimming and more

The training load was hefty... 8+ hours per  day, going deep down the rabbit hole of everything we're into

Alongside the training, we also took a deep dive into some of the lifestyle elements that we're super passionate about - Breathing, Meditation, Food, Socialising, Arnold Schwarzenegger Films... The things close to our hearts that we feel are important for a healthy life

The coolest thing about the retreat format, is that we can smash through peoples personal boundaries and perceived limitations

We also aren't limited by the constraints of a 60min class like in the gym plus we have these humans under our eye 24/7 for the 4 days... The energy built amongst the group over the event allowed us to do some really cool shit

James Wright

This retreat reignited my passion for training. Even though we trained for long periods several times a day, I've returned home feeling less stressed then when I first arived at the retreat. Can't say the same for the body though, it was definitely put to the test this weekend. It was a great all round experience and I can't wait for the next one!!!

The food was all organic and locally sourced, cooked to our specifications - tailored for a group of hard training humans... The group was definitely well fuelled. We also made sure to provide delicious smoothies, snacks and coffee... Needless to say we ate damn well!

Without a doubt the most common question I get when talking to people who want to come to this event is - "But Will I Be Fit Enough?"

The answer is almost always yes... You see, high level fitness is not a pre-requisite for such an event. What we ARE looking for in our group are people with an open mind, a thirst for epic, life-changing experiences, and who can bring the energy towards an event like this

One of the best parts of this experience is that you're isolated from the noise of your normal life... No phone needed... No wallet needed... No shoes... No clothes to wash... No house to clean... 

Cam Ward

The retreat was awesome, challenging and highly rewarding. The instruction was clear and precise and like no other retreat I had done previously. It pushed me mentally and physically but the rewards were definitely worth it. Under excellent guidance from the boys it helped me to discover a lot about myself and my limits and provided a killer environment hanging with awesome, like minded humans just wanting to better themselves. I can't recommend this retreat enough to anyone considering and i'm look forward to the next one!

All you have to do is show up, commit to the work, enjoy the banter and amazing food, and let us take you on the most epic Strength, Movement and Lifestyle Experience you'll ever have - all in a place that's only accessible by boat

Our next retreat is on September 7-10th at the same location... It's open right now for applications

If you'd like more info or to know if you're eligible to come simply click the button below, flick me an email with your phone number and i will get in touch for a chat

We have only got a few spots left so get on this one quick

If you'd like to know more about coming along, simply click the button below to shoot us an email

Joey will get back at you to organise a time to chat...

We are super pumped for this next retreat!



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  • July 29, 2017
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