Integrating JBs Into Your Life

Our Tribe is tight-knit, supportive and hungry for development

They've formed tight bonds with one another, which we believe is the secret to it's success. On the flip-side of that it can present a challenge for newcomers who wish to become a part of that strong fabric 

As we grow it's important to us to nurture newcomers and not only make them feel welcome and at home, but also ensure they're set up for long term success with us - physically, socially, and spiritually. We must do what we can to help weave them into the fabric 

We've designed our a simple program to do just this. This program is designed to set clear expectations for new members and keep them accountable to their training goals

All new Tribe members as of July 2017 will complete the program and we believe it will be one of our most powerful tools in helping people achieve high levels of strength and movement ability 

WEEK 1 = suggested minimum attendance of 2 classes per week
WEEKS 2-5 = suggested minimum attendance of 3 classes per week
WEEKS 5-8 = maintain suggested minimum attendance of 3 classes, and ideally increase to 4 classes per week

Not making it to the suggested minimum sessions each week simply let's us know that you might need be able to use some extra support in staying on track with the program

Your weekly attendance is reviewed by your Coaches, who will help keep you accountable to the process

It's important to note -  we're not about punishing those who can't train regularly. Rather, our coaching resources are finite and we choose to share those resources with those who can best utilise them. We well aware that life can be a motherfucker sometimes. We have people in our Tribe with plenty on their plate - business owners, single parents, jobs requiring travel etc. As such we will always be respectful of your individual situation and make every effort to support you as best we can

For those who complete the program and hit all the suggested minimum sessions, we'll gift you a killer piece of JB Merch (T-shirt, Hoodie etc) to say well done! You're well and truly on your way to a long and successful relationship with the JBs

We strive to continually deliver our Tribe the best training methods, most epic training experience, and most effective systems and products to that will support their training and lifestyle 

Respect and love


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  • July 17, 2017
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