Turbocharge Your Gains With This Free Program

WARNING: This Program IS NOT for Beginners.

This video will walk you through the program.. Scroll down to download the PDF

It's been really cool hearing from many of you lately.. We appreciate you reaching out for help with your training

​What we're hearing is that a lot of you are having trouble staying motivated with your training, and aren't really sure if you're doing the right things.. It goes without saying that having a coach assess you and see what you're in need of, then programming for you around that is always the most effective way forward -

As a quick fix though, here is a sick little program we put together a while back that you can use to turbocharge your training right now

First things first ---

THIS IS AN INTERMEDIATE PROGRAM.. If you're a total beginner we don't recommend this program for you. Get in touch with us and we can hook you up with something suited to your level

Even if you're experienced we recommend you start with 50% of the workouts, per week. That means 1 x LOWER BODY, 1 x STRAIGHT ARM, 1 x PUSH+PULL sessions each week. We only recommend advancing to all 6 sessions per week once you feel totally comfortable pushing it to the next level and can handle that amount of volume

Whichever level you're at we recommend you first get comfortable with the movements before adding load.. If you have a coach handy get them to assess your form.. Hit us up if you're unsure of anything

BASIC GUIDE - give yourself a week or two to get comfortable with the movements.. Choose light/easy variations for everything, and set your goal just to complete the workouts each week

Once comfortable with the volume and the movements, run with it for 6-8 weeks. Every third week should be a LIGHT week - meaning you cut the weight down, or the difficulty of the movement by 50%. This is a deload protocol and will allow you to continue making gains

Oh, and make sure you read this blog post on optimising recovery so that you can stay on top of making gains

Click button below to download the program

Train smart and hard, and enjoy yourself. If you're struggling with anything just hit us up and we can help you out 

Enjoy friend

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  • July 15, 2017
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