Small Hinges Shift Large Doors

I want to introduce you to a guy called Rob

Rob has trained at jungle Brothers for almost 4 years now. Yes, he is one of our OG members. When he started training with us he was working a busy job and he and his wife were raising three kids. He makes it to the gym TWO TIMES per week. He has the occasional terrible week like us all, they’re generally when he only makes it to the gym once or perhaps not at all. He always says he wishes he could be at the gym a lot more, but he’s just so busy. Can’t blame him

The guy’s got commitments…

School drop-offs, pick-ups, kids sport events. He runs his own business now so that takes up even more time. Safe to say, there’s plenty on his plate

So with all that, it turns out our boy Rob has made what i would consider to be MASSIVE changes to his health –

He came to our gym 4 years ago at 100 kg and is now down at 87 kg. He feels feels fitter, stronger and more mobile than he was in his 20s. Now 41 years old, he’s in the best shape of his life and loving it

What’s the secret?

From the beginning Rob settled on only being able to get to the gym two times per week. He understood that although he wanted to train every day, there were competing commitments that he had to fulfill

He’s never been completely staunch on his diet, but for the most part he eats well, prepares his own food, and does this on a consistent basis. He spends time with this family, tries to get as much sleep as possible and generally looks after himself

When it comes to the 2 hours he gets to spend at the gym he asks us coaches good questions, then puts that information to use. He applies himself 100% to every class

He also gives it a solid nudge at the JB Christmas party, and enjoys a night out here and there (don’t we all?)

There is no magic to his results. Just a couple of small changes: adopting some good habits and doing them CONSISTENTLY over a long period of time

Making small changes in your life and committing to them on a dedicated and consistent basis will produce big results down the track

Find the small hinges and use them



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  • March 18, 2019
  • Blog