Playing The Long Game

There’s a real tendency for us humans to want things to happen immediately…

I’m often made aware of how this desire for ‘fast-gains’ can screw good things up for people…

Take someone who’s just started coming our weightlifting class –

It’s their first time holding a barbell. They see everyone in the class lifting heavy weights and expressing great form. They want to lift like that too. They get frustrated because in their first day their technique is rough and they’re using only an empty bar

They feel deflated…

Another example – a person has just started our Performance Nutrition Program

It’s their first time getting serious about what they’re putting into their body and they’re excited for what’s to come. It’s only their second week of clean-eating and they’re already disappointed that they’re not seeing the weight fall off yet…


Have you ever felt disappointed that you didn’t get ‘the thing’ as quickly as you had expected to?


I’m guilty of it…

We all want things to happen NOW. It’s part of being a human

There’s a common thread that I see amongst successful individuals…

I’m talking about people who are successful in any area – sports stars, business moguls, anybody who’s excelling in their field… That common thread is that they don’t rush for the result


They understand that good things take time. They understand that commitment to the process on a consistent and dedicated basis is what will get them to their goal


You won’t learn to snatch well on day one and you won’t drop all the body fat in the first two weeks. Know that, that’s OK

Play the long game. It’s ultimately where you’ll find what you’re looking for



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  • March 8, 2019
  • Blog