Our 2018 Member Of The Year

Below is a transcript of JB Joeys ‘Member of The Year’ speech from the 2018 Tribe Christmas Party. We hope you enjoy


“Now we’ve come to the most hallowed of the tribe awards…

The award that for years we had wished we could give, but could not… As we were too fucking busy preparing food, alcohol and the goddamn kids jumping castle for all you animals

This is the first year we will be awarding a Tribe Member Of The Year

What defines the kind of person to receive such a rare… Such an esteemed, and special prize, you ask?

Three simple criteria…

  • Consistency
  • Dedication
  • Respect


Now… We don’t use these terms generically…

Consistency referring to: making an arrangement and seeing it through… Consistency in attendance of classes on a regular basis… In asking productive, high-quality questions of their coaches… In applying focus to every training session..

Dedication refers to the strong work ethic that is applied to their training…

They are not easily dissuaded by movements they suck at, or put off when some coaching tough-love is dished out… Dedication because they don’t allow a shitty day at work, or a bad night’s sleep to get in the way of giving each session their 100% effort…

They embrace, ‘the suck’

Respect refers to how they carry themselves as an individual within the gym… Respect in arriving to class on time…

In always greeting their fellow tribe members and coaches… In approaching new members with open arms… In asking advice from the coaches and heeding that advice…. Respect for the tribe and being a strong contributor to it, wherever possible

This years winner… has an interesting story…

They came to me back at our old gym, asking about getting their child involved in classes. Legendary kid. We had a good stint together, but soon enough the poor child was facing perhaps the greatest challenge of it’s entire life – the HSC

A membership had already been committed to, so i said “if your kid can’t make it in, why don’t you come and train with us instead?”

The responsible parent said “OK”

I don’t need to say too much more about this WOMAN…

She has undergone one of the most considerable physical transformations in the gym, but.. More importantly

She expresses a level of consistency, dedication and respect that is recognisable to all of those around her

I receive the most incredible compliments about this woman on a daily basis…. She is an inspiring and impressive human being…

Please put your hands together for this years JB Tribe Member of The Year

Sue Cooper!”
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  • February 18, 2019
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