What We Actually Do (It's More Than You Think...)

This ain’t a gym.

It’s called a gym, so you know what goes down there. Right? Weights, sweat, people getting strong, working hard, all that stuff. You know what happens in gyms, you’ve even been to one before so it’s more or less just like that



We don’t blame you though. We thought so too. Until we took a step back and started to realize that it was becoming something much, much more than that…

Physical training is undoubtedly the main thing we do. It’s what brings people to our place, attracts them to JB. We’re wildly passionate about doing it well so it’s our main hustle. Look closer though, and you’ll see the rabbit hole not only goes deeper, but wider. People often tell us 

“I came here for the training initially, but I’ve stayed because I just love this fucking place so much”

Why’s that?

Our Model Of Education & Support


What followed after this realization was the understanding that we needed to develop a model that could demonstrate our approach. This would distill our purpose. It would guide our evolution… Both of our coaching and of our tribe as a whole

And as you can see, we seek to address much more than just making a body that’s skilful, strong and mobile…



Adaptable – Whatever the situation it’s in, it has options and will find a way to survive

Expressive – To be liberated from the negative effects of a modern life. A constant venture to not be held back by a lack of any particular physical attribute (strength, mobility etc) but to instead develop these things

Durable – There will be bumps along the way, some larger than others. Resilience and anti-fragility help us better deal with this thing called life



Mechanical, referring to the things we need that will support a healthy lifestyle: good food, good water, sunlight, sleep etc

Habitat – Who and where we choose to spend our time with, and how that supports our health: Our social groups, maintaining good sleep hygiene, creating a home where we can relax, effective time management, growing our own food etc. 

Mindset – staying aware of the internal stuff… Giving attention to our breath and to our thoughts, using techniques like goal-setting and journaling to create a mind that is energised, aware and positive


The Big Tribe

Evolution – ‘if we fail to address our weaknesses we fail to evolve’. Through challenge we adapt and become better. For us to do this both as a collective as well as individuals we must embrace the challenges ahead of us. In practical terms, we seek constant feedback in order to improve

Connection – Social interaction, Physical touch, Community events… Creating an environment that fosters these things. We didn’t get this far on our own you know. Us humans need each other

Big Tribe – an awareness of the world we live in. Choosing to exist in a way that has a positive impact on the earth. Expressed through what and how we consume, and how we view and interact with the world around us


We aim to develop our tribe across all these areas. The process of how we do so continues to evolve, and in all honesty, we don’t see it stopping anytime soon…

Enjoy this journey we are on together.


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  • February 7, 2019
  • Blog