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#11 Winter Warrior🥶

Join Dylan and Paul in this exciting episode as they dive into the upcoming Winter Warrior competition! Discover the origins of this epic event, the reasons behind its creation, and its inspiring evolution over the years They’ll share heart-pounding stories of past winners, highlighting their journeys and what it took to claim the title Plus, […]

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#10 Aaron Hook Man, Myth, Legend

we’re joined by none other than last year’s Member of the Year, Hook, for an inside look at what it takes to snag that coveted title🏆 Join us as we dive deep into Hook’s experience as a reigning champ, exploring the attributes and dedication that earned him the belt From commitment to community spirit, we’re […]

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#09 How to get the most out of JB’s training

“Unlock the secrets to maximizing your fitness journey in this of Jungle Botany’s podcast! Join us as we delve into the art of optimising your training sessions at JB’s Whether you’re a seasoned tribe athlete or just starting out, this episode is your ultimate guide to extracting the utmost benefit from every sweat-soaked moment in […]

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#08 Leading from the front (ft. Esther Jungle Caba)

In this episode, we’ve got a special treat: Esther from Jungle Caba, one of our closest allies in the Jungle Alliance (JA), joins hosts the boys for a chat about all things gym leadership

Get ready to dive deep into the jungle as we uncover Esther’s journey since she flung open her gym doors about a year back

From navigating the untamed waters of leadership to the unexpected adventures of running a gym and finding your people, we’re pulling back the curtains and getting real

Esther spills the beans on the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

This chat was like a good night out with your closest pals, swapping stories over a couple margs 🍹

So, get listening as we talk gym ownership and explore the untamed territory of building a tribe, tune in now. This episode is packed with laughs, lessons, and maybe even a few monkey business moments! 🐒🎙️”

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#07 Why you will never see a treadmill at our gym

“How do you guys do cardio…” Come hang out with the boys as they’re joined by Coach Sam for an absolutely banger chat!  🎙️ Prepare to get to know the heart and soul of JB’s Gym as they spill the beans on why the equipment there is just so darn special and why they’ve all […]

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#06 Training While Injured?

“I can’t come to class, I hurt my…” A classic line echoing across the gym floor! 🏋️‍♂️ But hey, is it just an excuse or a legit reason? Get ready for some laughs and insights as the boys spill the beans on their injury tales and how to keep those gains rolling while on the […]

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#05 The Bodyweight Debate

“How do we keep our tribe honing sick skills while forging savage strength? 🏋️‍♂️ Our bodyweight program has sparked countless office discussions and undergone numerous transformations to evolve into what it is today. 🔄 But what drove these changes, and why might we be shaking things up again? 🤔 Join Dyl and Paul as they […]

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#04 Keeping on track of tracking

What gets measured gets managed … Dyl and Paul dish out the ultimate guide to optimizing your training, both in and out of the classes! Discover the best tools—from apps to old-school pen and paper—plus unlock the secrets to mastering reps, sets, and workout complexity These fitness aficionados spill the beans on what’s worked wonders […]

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#03 The JB Foundation Program: Why Is It Essential

Every wondered why new recruits to our tribe have to do foundations… We don’t train like other gyms so of course the way we get new members in classes isn’t like other gyms as well In this episode Dyl’s & Paul talk about what the foundation program looks like and why we do it. They […]

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